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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  January 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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expect partly cloudy skies today with very warm temperatures after a chilly start. we'll start around 30, but quickly climb up to 56 by the afternoon. winds will be breezy out of the south. tonight, lows fall into the low to mid-40s, which is well above the average of 23. these are the images that have promted to so many to come forward to help.water so polluted with lead residents or bath in it. michigan governor rick snyder signed a 28 million dollar aid bill to combat flint's ongoing water crisis. but help from those right here in the tri- state is coming today. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us live with how you can help out. i'm here at the kroger in norwood where in just a few hours you'll be able to help
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something most of us take for granted: clean, fresh drinking water... and it's being done with the help of the norwood police department. now, as we've shown you this isn't the only way those right here in the tri-state are collecting water for flint. norwood middle school also held a drive yesterday in partnership with the snc church in norwood and the after school group avenues for success...the same groups norwood pd is partnered with today. they were able to collect hundreds of bottles and you're encouraged to help add to that number today. again you can donate here at the norwood kroger starting at 8. the drive ends at five. reporting live...kristen
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this morning the standoff in east price hill is over.the gunman arrested and waiting to go before a judge this morning. morning.this was the scene on considine avenue near warsaw. police say it all began around 8 p-m when 42 year old boby jordan fired a gun into a woman's home.that's when he barricaded himself inside his home just a block away on prucell, threatening to shoot police if they came any closer. captain russ neville / night made and the officers felt they had positions of cover - they did exactly what they're
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maintained those positions of cover, made a notification for the swat team to come out with a negotiator. we train for incidents like this. and the swat team and the negotiator followed perfect protocol" the standoff ended just before 11 last night.the woman was not injured by the gun fire. we're told, investigtors were able to find that gun.we'll keep an eye on this story for you and have more on 9 on your side a 6. this morning police are on the lookout for a murderer in bond hill. it was yesterfday afternoon just as bond hill elementary was dismissing for the day..when someone shot a man five times. he managed to get to the middle of franklin avenue before collapsing. call crime stoppers at 513- 352- 3040 if you can help in this case. at tri-state man has been charged with child endangering. this after police say he dropped his girlfirend's two month old daughter. the girl suffered
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say todd dom-sher didn't tell them the whole story when he was first questioned... and was so argumentative at children's hospital that he was asked to leave. a shooting turns into a murder.. nearly eight years after the bullets were fired. the death of david wallace presents a real challenge for homicide detectives. ths is what it looked like shortly after the shooting on mc-micken avenue in 20-08. wallace was 33 years old then...and has lived with those wounds ever since. nine on your side's ashley zilka joins us with where the case will likely go from here. rewind back to september 2008- 9 on your side was at the crime scene where david wallace was shot three times. it happened on mc-micken avenue in over the rhine. he suffered some paralysis but survived until january 5th of
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years the law in ohio was if there was a murder, the person had to die within a year of the injuries so a year and a day, the person could not be charged with murder. 22noted defense attorney, mark krumbein, says that has since changed. the cincinnati police homicide unit and the hamilton county prosecutor's office are now reopening the case. 14:40 usually if you are shot and injured badly enough typically a person is not going to live that long. so this is unusual we are going back to 08. 50 krumbein says if detectives can find the shooter- prosecutors will face some challenges.15:10 they would need a coroner or other medical experts to link the original shooting injuries all the way from 2008 right up to 2016. 2115:49 you have to prove that there was an intention to kill or intent to kill. 52and finding people who witnessed a 7 year old crime- could also be an uphill battle. 16:30 years have gone by.
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witnesses may have passed away themselves, so it's not easy to put together a case years later. 40 a union township apartment complex known as a hot spot for heroin - will get new life. sundance properties has purchased piccadilly apartments off of beechmont avenue.renovations are already happening -- including building a pool and leasing office and fixing all of the buildings.but residents without leases will have to leave by march first.some have reached out to nine on your side for help - saying they just found out about this on thursday. "they're doing it legally i get that that's cool - do your business. but kit ally you're doing something really wrong. not only are you kicking people out on the streets with no chance of a future and no chance of knowing what they're going to do march 2nd, but
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money on top of that." that."we reached out to the new property manager to see if there was any help available for low-income residents looking for new housing.a secretary told us she wasnt sure yet. kentucky workers could be in store for a bump in pay.the house approved the plan last night.what needs to happen permenant. hillary clinton emails are back in the news this morning. the white house confirming she had top secret emails on her personal computer. what hillary has to say about the new're
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kentucky is moving closer to raising its minimum wage from 7-25 to 10-10 an hour. a house panel just approved that plan. the proposed bill would raise the minimum wage over the next two and half years. house speaker greg stumbo says that it could put an extra two- thousand dollars in the pockets of minimum wage workers. but some local business owners aren't so sure its a good idea. "it would be inflationary, we'd have to raise the prices, i'd have to probably reduce how many employees i have because it costs so much" much"twenty nine states, including washington d-c, have a minimum wage higher than kentucky's. the proposed bill now goes to the full house for consideration. top secret...that is what the white house is confirming this morning about 22 emails found on on the private server of hillary clinton's new york home. home.this.. just three days
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emails in seven different email-chains were marked "top secret."the clinton campaign issued a statement calling it quote.. an "over classification run amuck" end quote. you know those ads telling you to fillout a survey and you 'll get all kinds of free stuff?before you fill one out.. consumer reporter john materese has a few tips so you
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you're watching good morning tri-state weekend at 8 on 9 on your side who doesn't want free stuff? the problem is: it's one of the ways on-line con artists are trying to steal your personal information. consumer reporter john matarese has this alert.. so you don't waste your money. how would you like this one: a chance to win free mcdonalds food for life?that's what a new viral social media post is claiming....but before you click here's what you need to know------------enjoy mcdonalds? you'll enjoy it even more if you win a
8:11 am celebrate its 61st anniversary.but before you take the survey and share it with your friends....hold on! the better business bureau says it's another survey get information from you, and possibly infect your pc with's similar to the coupons that went viral last fall, for half price at kohls, target, and other stores.(preprod)so some offers to avoid?-beware freebies that require you to take surveys.-check to see if the survey is really from that store or restaurant.-and don't ever share credit card info, or your facebook friends contact information with a 3rd party you dont know. know.bottom line: ads promoting free food for life, just like those half price coupons to kohls and other stores... are too good to be take a pass so you dont waste your money. im jm 9 on your side. for all you job seekers. sub-zero in sharonville needs dozens of workers.. so they will be holding a job fair this morning. the hiring follows the
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mosteller drive. sub-zero needs people for all production shifts. they are also looking for electricians, welders, and people in marketing. the job fair will be held from eight until noon at the plant on mosteller.. north of i-275 did you get a chance to see the snow shoveling dinosaur this week?well he's got a pretty talented cousin.look at this vodeo of a t-rex going ice skating.the video has already been viewed more than 50 million times. it's time to check weather with meterologist jason adams.
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expect mostly cloudy skies sunday with a few showers possible all day. the best rain chance will be after 7 p.m. into the overnight as a cold front pushes into the tri-state. highs will be warm again, in the mid to upper 50s. sunday night into monday, temperatures will cool off behind the front. monday's highs will reach the upper 40s to near 50. tuesday, we'll warm up again into the upper 50s with a chance for showers and storms late in the day.
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deputies say they know speed was a factor.we're talking about the school bus accident yesterday where nine children were injured.a car hitting the so hard...the impact so great..that driver was killed almost instantly evan mill-ward spoke with miami county investigators. they are still trying to figure out what went wrong 911 call 01;04;16;14 "there's no seat even sir, the whole car is gone sir i can't tell."
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ones at this scene -911 call - "i can't see, it's starting to burn, i got as close as i can, but i don't know ma'am, if they're in that vehicle they're not alive i don't think."21-year-old taylor dickey of troy -- thrown from that car - dead on impact.911 call "there's two children here who are injured, one is bleeding in the head, one is bleeding in the mouth, they are both okay, they know what's going on, they're conscious."investigators - now trying to take all the evidence together.deputies say dickey didn't slow down - even brake - before she hit the bus. inside and on the ground around the car - empty beer cans.chief deputy dave duchak/miami county sheriff's office as we've said from the beginning, we're looking at whether impairment was involved.a friend says the cans couldn't have been fresh. friend 010035 she was over here, she had a little bit to drink, but i don't think we had any cans of beer, we usually have bottles here so i don't think they would have been from that night.then this - posts on facebook last month
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car's sway bar - and brakes. duchak 010109 we don't believe that contributed but we don't know for sure at this point. evan millward reporting.the question this morning is whether or not dickey was under the influence, or if she had a medical emergency behind the wheel.a full autopsy shold solve the mystery.we should know the results in about 6 to 8 weeks. this weekend you have the chance of possibly saving a local father's life. life.doug stoutenborough was diagnosed with "acute myeloid leukemia" in july of 20-14. after months of treatment, his cancer finally went into remission.but it relapsed.and bone marrow drive.'s taking place tomorrow at mount carmel christian church in batavia. those interested are encouraged to stop by between ten and three.all you have to do is swab the inside of your cheeks to see if you are a match. helping those who need it most. as the water crisis continues
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state is doing it's part to
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, good morning...i'm timyka artist and i'm jason adams adams expect partly cloudy skies today with very warm temperatures after a chilly start. we'll start around 30, but quickly climb up to 56 by the afternoon. winds will be breezy out of the south. tonight, lows fall into the low to mid-40s, which is well
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michigan governor rick snyder signed a 28 million dollar aid bill to combat flint's ongoing water crisis. but help from those right here in the tri- state is coming today. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us live with how you can help out. it's something most of us take for granted: clean, fresh drinking water... but for many
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continue to deal with contaminated water. the norwood police department is helping out. now, as we've shown you they arent the only ones right here in the tri-state are collecting water for flint. norwood middle school also held a drive yesterday in partnership with the snc church in norwood and the after school group avenues for success...the same groups norwood pd is partnered with today. they were able to collect hundreds of bottles and you're encouraged to help add to that number today. again you can donate here at the norwood kroger starting at 8. the drive ends at five. reporting live...kristen swilley...9 on your side.. the similarities are strikingly in
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partial blame for the lead- tainted water in sebring. sebring.the agency says it should have made more efforts to force sebring officials to warn residents.the ohio e-p-a accuses the water treatment plant manager of falsifying reports *last summer* of high lead and copper levels in the water. the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting monday to get a handle on the spread of the zika virus.the w-h-o will decide if the outbreak should be declared an international health emergency. they say it's spreading at an explosive pace.according to the c-d-c... zika, which is spread by mosquitoes, is in more than 20 countries, including the u-s. if you're traveling to a warmer climate where mosquitoes are still biting, 9 is on your side with some information about what to do if you start feeling sick after a bite.doctors say if you develop a high fever, that's when you should seek medical treatment.otherwise treat your symptoms with tylenol and plenty of fluids,
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volkswagen may buy back some of the diesel cars linked to its emissions-cheating scandal. the german automaker has so far rejected demands from lawmakers and consumers that it should re-purchase the vehicles under recall.but recent statements from the company indicate it's reconsidering that position.a volkswagen attorney told a u-s federal court that a buy-back program may be a solution for *some* of the vehicles. president obama is making a push to advance equal pay for women. women.the white house announced he's proposing a new rule that will require companies to report pay data by gender, race and ethnicity. the rule would apply to companies that have 100 or more employees.the administration said the rule would help aid investigations on employers that are "unlawfully shortchanging workers" based on gender, race and ethnicity. with one of the three escaped california inmates back in custody this morning.. the center of attention is now
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investigators say the three men stole the van after escaping.and with the man hunt heating up police believe the two.. still on the run.. are now traveling from san jose to fresno.mary moloney explains. two escaped inmates still on the run -- possibly in this white van -- stolen a day after the escape.(lt. jeff hallock/orange county sheriff's department): "i can't reiterate enough the importance of the white van. we believe that mr. nayeri and mr. tieu are together in that white van."hossein nayeri is the suspected ringleader. prosecutors say nayeri -- attacked a man four years ago -- doused him with bleach -- set him on fire -- cut off his genitals -- and dumped him in the desert.while in jail -- police say nayeri had an inappropriate relationship with teacher nooshafarin ravaghi.a law enforcement source says the pair exchanged flirtatious letters -- which investigators found after the escape.ravaghi taught english as second language at the jail. investigators say nayeri attended her classes.but investigators think the two iranian natives bonded over
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county sheriff's department): "nyeri speaks english, why he was attending that class, and again that connection, whether it's from iran we're not exactly sure. that's very much a concern for us." investigators say ravaghi admitted to giving the inmates a map of the maximum security jail -- but denies giving them the tools to break out.the sheriff says the inmates cut through half-inch steel bars - snaked their way through plumbing tunnels and made it to the roof of the jail. then investigators say the inmates cut through barbed wire fencing -- tied bed sheets together -- repelled 50 feet down a wall -- and disappeared. (lt. jeff hallock/orange county sheriff's department): "we are coming after you, we are pressing forward and we will take you back into custody." i'm mary moloney reporting. this morning the reward for information leading to the inmates capture stands at 200 thousand dollars. officials in oregon say they haven't seen anything like it in years in years. a massive sinkhole closes a major highway. the plans to put everything back together again. you are wathching good morning tri-state weekend. and here are your winning
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no more bashing the competition.that's the order that a judge has for the maker of chobani greek yogurt. chobani has been ordered to ditch an ad campaign that takes digs on it's rivals use of artificial preservatives and sweetners.the judge found that artificial preservatives and sweeteners are not dangerous, as the ads lead consumers to believe. the desicion is being cheered by their biggest competitors yoplait and dannon. apple is recalling millions of power adapters because they could cause an electric shock.
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prong wall plug adapters.they are actually for use in other countries.the plugs in question were shipped between 2003 and 2015 with macs and other apple devices they were also included in the apple world travel adapter say syou can come in and exchagne those plugs or you can get a refund. a sinkhole in the middle of an oregon highway is being called a "monster" this moring by officials there. they say they haven't seen anything like it in 20 years. the sinkhole on highway 101 along the southern oregon coast opened up after a storm dumped one and a half inches of rain on the area. at last check.. it was 50 feet across and up to 70 feet deep. highway officials say it will probably take until march unil all the repairs are finished. the clean up for last weeks snow storm is going to be a
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in washington d-c at the very least. least.washington, d-c, enacted a parking ban when the big snowstorm hit so snow plows could get through the streets. not everyone took heed though. since then, the city has handed out more than five thousand tickets.and towed nearly 700 vehicles.not counting the towing fees, the fines total just over one- point-three-million-dollars your weekend sports reports is next.nine one your side sprts reporter ken broo has all the high light from area high school basketball, college too. and where you can see a four time world champion right here in the tri-state.this is good morning tri state weekend here's a look at what you'll
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thanks for thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it's now --- degrees at -- o'clock. michael jordan hasn't played for more than a decade but that hasn't stopped sneaker fans from lining up to be the first to get their hands on the new air jordans.this group has been out here since wednesday.they came prepared...folding chairs, tents, blankets.the wait is
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at 6:23 am.the time is in honor of his six championships and of course his jersey number.they'll cost a pretty penny though, the new "jordan's" retails for $650.. superbowl 50 takes place just over a week from today all the way out in san fransisco.but ohio is playing a big part of the seasons final game. game.all of the footballs being used in the are from right here in the buckeye state.the wilson sporting goods football factory in "ada" is responsible for making the super bowl fact, the plant makes thousands of pigskin footballs a day for leagues of all sizes. with meterologist jason adams
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few complaints about this weekend's forecast... and that likely means you're ready to get out of the house! house!we have nine things you might enjoy this weekend... like "art after dark".it's going on right now at the cincinnati art museum. or if you like local craft beer... mad-tree's winter bonanza starts at'll find the full list on w-c-p-o-dot-com. if you're into outdoor adventures...this is your weekend.the outdoor adventure expo continues today and tomorrow.where you'll need to go and what you'll need to bring with you.this is good morning tri state weekend
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if you're the outdoor adventure type or know someone that is...this weekend take part in the ultimate shopping experience in sharonville. sharonville.the "outdoor adventure experience" continues today and tomorrow at the sharonville convention's 10 dollars a person...or you can get a 3 day pass for 20 12 and under are free and parking is free!everything gets underway at 9am. aheads up to kentucky resident who don't have any health insurance, you need to act fast or face a costly tax penalty.kynect open enrollment ends tomorrow at midnight. all you have to do is log on, contact your insurance company or stop by the kynect call
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if you don't enroll, and your income is 100 percent above the poverty level let's get one last check of your weekend forecast from meteorologist jason adams. that's good morning tri-state for this saturday.we're always on with breaking news and
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